Public safety is one of the most fundamental and important responsibilities of local government.

Reduction of Crime:

 Jurisdictions across the country have seen a trend of lower crime rates over the last decade, but there remains room for improvement. Gang activity and heroin use are increasing in Anne Arundel County and are serious threats to our community.

I am committed to keeping our communities safe from crime and disasters. As County Executive, I am committing the resources necessary to enhance our fire and police departments and Sheriff’s Office.

Pay and Staffing:

Our police officers, firefighters and sheriffs deputies are underpaid. The average police officer earns about $48,000 per year with five years of service, which is well below other neighboring jurisdictions. Firefighters face similar disparities. I am working to address these disparities over time.

Our public safety departments are also understaffed relative to the population of our County. I will improve compensation levels and staffing for our public safety professionals.

Training Facilities:

The state of our training academies is deplorable. We have reviewed the full range of alternatives and are moving toward with a plan to rebuild our police training academy.


The County’s public safety unions are our partners in assuring public safety. Their job is to advocate for higher pay and better benefits for their members. The County Executive’s job is to balance union priorities with the many other competing budget priorities in the County.

I am working to assure fair and competitive compensation for our public safety professionals and am coordinating with our union leadership to strike the right balance.

Technology and Equipment:

Computer systems, firefighting equipment and police vehicles are costly expenditures. I am using my business experience to assure that we procure state-of-the-art technology and equipment at affordable prices.