Schuh backs bill to raise cap on oyster shell recycling tax credit

February 02, 2016

Wayne Witzke and Kevin Wilcox hopped off the truck and disappeared through the back door of the restaurant. A few moments later, they re-emerged,...

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Schuh pushes fee cuts: 'We need to stop 'nickel and diming' the citizens'

February 01, 2016

County Executive Steve Schuh on Monday announced plans to reduce fees affecting seniors, pet owners and local businesses.

The proposed cuts...

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Our say: Schuh tries to keep a promise on government

January 13, 2016

Nearly every county executive we can remember pledged to streamline the zoning bureaucracy and lower the hurdles that can make it so tough to get...

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'Denial is deadly': County launches heroin-opioid abuse prevention campaign

January 11, 2016

Cable television viewers will soon see 30-second commercials from the county's heroin-opioid abuse prevention campaign.

The ads demonstrate how...

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