County dredging program digging out of a hole

April 19, 2017

Determined to get county waterway dredging back on track, County Executive Steve Schuh announced his upcoming budget will earmark $1.5 million...

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Anne Arundel officials planning to boost police presence in Laurel

January 26, 2017

Anne Arundel County officials said Thursday they are devoting additional law enforcement resources and officers to tackle crime spurred by...

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Arlotto, Schuh lobby state officials for more school funding

January 25, 2017

Anne Arundel County officials on Wednesday made a pitch for more state money for school construction projects, including funds for a high school...

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Schuh signs law altering benefits program for volunteer firefighters

January 23, 2017

A controversial proposal to adjust the terms of a benefits program for longtime volunteer firefighters in Anne Arundel County became law on...

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