County Executive Steve Schuh to add school counselors, mental health professionals to budget

May 18, 2018

County Executive Steve Schuh will increase counselor and mental health staffing for Anne Arundel County schools within his proposed budget.

The supplemental budget would add $640,000 to hire school counselors, social workers and conflict-addressing staff members, Schuh said Friday. The number of hires has not been released.

Schuh’s announcement was on the same day as a shooting at a Santa Fe, Texas, high school where 10 people were killed, many of them students. Events like the Santa Fe shooting — and other high-profile school attacks — have motivated parents and advocates to request increased behavioral health staff at schools.

Advocates believe the staff would help students handle social and emotional issues and act as a preventative effort against school shootings and other incidents. Those advocates also have stressed that a person who has mental health issues does not mean they are more inclined to commit school shootings.