Anne Arundel schools boost security efforts by installing new safety doors

August 17, 2018

Anne Arundel County has made good on its promise to beef up security at area schools. Over the summer break, the district installed a number of new safety doors.

The Old Mill Education Complex in Millersville is three schools in one, which means a lot of foot traffic. The newly installed row of security doors will help school staff members keep a closer watch on visitors.

"This is another layer of school security that we can provide, so that we are making sure students are safe, and also just crowd control for the buildings," said Moneka Monk of Anne Arundel County Schools.

Last spring, the county put up $15 million over two years for the school system to install new doors, locks, add security cameras and hire resource officers.

"By the very nature of having to go through the one door, get buzzed in by the office, they also see through the cameras. They know who is in the building at all times," said Russell Leone, of the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County.

The new doors are set to go up at Arundel, Glen Burnie and North County high schools by the end of the year. Doors will also be added to new school buildings, as well as those under renovation. Teachers said it all adds up to peace of mind.

"As soon as I saw it, I thought about how it important it was, especially with a building with three schools connecting. It was important to have a large area for students to move through," said teacher Jameel Gheba.