Size of Government and Taxation

the role of the government:

The idea that the proper role of government is to solve all of society’s problems and meet all of our needs is a false creed that is doomed to failure. Government today at all levels is too large and too intrusive and threatens our personal liberties.

I support limited government and maximum personal freedom consistent with an orderly society and with an adequate social safety net for those less fortunate. Only free people working through their families, churches, homeowners associations, businesses and nonprofits will solve society’s problems over the long run.

The Size of County Government:

The size of our local government relative to our economy should be reduced. Overblown government institutions lose touch with taxpayers and the communities they serve and perpetuate themselves with wasteful spending and unnecessary programs.

In the years to come, I will hold the line on spending, outsource non-critical services, create standards to ensure a more efficient government, sell underutilized County assets, limit staffing levels and, most importantly, expand the local economy so that government consumes relatively less over time.

Tax Policy:

I pledge not to increase the tax burden on Anne Arundel County citizens. I believe that an improving economic climate will create an opportunity to reduce taxes and fees in the years to come, and I am committed to reducing the overall tax burden on our citizens by the end of my term.

I respect our voter-approved cap on property tax revenue and believe the cap should be viewed as an upper limit rather than a target. As budget circumstances permit, I will set property taxes below the tax cap.


In recent years, County-imposed fees have reached such high levels that they have become impediments to economic activity, new-business formation and job creation. Employers are choosing other locations to open or expand their businesses because our impact fees, sewer and water fees, inspection fees, permit fees and stormwater fees are so high that they too often make it impossible for homeowners and businesses to pursue projects in Anne Arundel County that would create jobs and improve our quality of life.

I pledge to reduce fees.