The Chesapeake Bay and its headwaters are among Anne Arundel County’s most critical assets.

Conservation and Conservatism:

The maritime nature of our County and 500 miles of shoreline are why many people choose to live, work and start businesses here. As residents of the County, we have a special responsibility to nurture this critical asset.

As a conservative, I believe strongly that conservation is an integral element of the broader conservative philosophy and believe it is no coincidence that “conservatism” and “conservation” have the same root words – both are fundamentally about protecting and retaining what is good about our society, principles of government, and way of life.

As County Executive, I will keep South County rural, preserve our open spaces and lead the effort to restore our waterways in a cost-effective manner.

The Rain Tax:

In 2012, the General Assembly passed a stormwater management bill that requires the counties to provide funding for important infrastructure projects, including repairs to crumbling storm pipes, culverts and outfalls, and restoration of eroded creeks.

The State bill gave the counties complete flexibility to design their own plans for funding these projects, including funding them from existing resources. Carroll County, for example, funded the program entirely from existing resources.

Unfortunately, the Anne Arundel County Council adopted a misguided and unnecessary response to the state bill by enacting the “Rain Tax.” As county executive, I will amend the Rain Tax and propose offsetting cuts in other taxes or fees so that the program is revenue-neutral to citizens.