My Administration has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all of Anne Arundel County's citizens by improving our environmental stewardship, connecting citizens with our natural resources, uplifting those with challenges, and improving access to community and County resources.


We have successfully:

  • Implemented the largest waterway cleanup effort in County history ($250 million in 300 projects)

  • Declared a public-health emergency related to heroin and launched the nationally-recognized “Not My Child”  and "Safe Stations" efforts to combat opioid abuse

  • Launched a rural conservation initiative to preserve and limit development in 51% of the County

  • Launched a major initiative to enhance recreational infrastructure, including:

    • a complete network of bike trails

    • trailered boat ramps on every major river

    • public beaches for swimming

    • campgrounds along to the Patuxent River

    • canoe/kayak launches

    • regional parks

  • Increased the road maintenance budget to stop system deterioration

  • Launched a program to eliminate rats in North County

  • Reduced the number of citizens dependent on welfare

  • Doubled funding for the Family Self Sufficiency program that teaches residents of public housing the life skills they need to become self-supporting