The idea that the proper role of government is to solve all of society’s problems and meet all of our needs is a false creed that is doomed to failure. Government today at all levels is too large, too expensive, and too intrusive.

My Administration has worked hard to reform County government and make it work smarter and harder for citizens. We have successfully:

  • Balanced the budget for the first time since 2008. The budget is now in surplus

  • Increased the Rainy Day Fund to an all-time high of $66 million

  • Reformed land-use departments to require stricter review of development projects 

  • Streamlined government departments to improve customer service

  • Implemented a 311 program and mobile app to provide easy access to any County service

  • Reorganized all government departments to improve communications and coordination of efforts

  • Appointed a Cabinet that reflects the diversity of the County (20% minority and 40% female)